Thayne Shatah 

 Cupping & Graston technique Certified


Thayne Shatah, a veteran and nationally certified neuromuscular therapist, is also certified in cupping and Graston technique. He continues to grow his expertise with ongoing training opportunities.


Thayne has over 19 years of experience and practical application to help take your whole-body wellness to new heights. As a competitive athlete, he knows how to customize your massage to your body’s needs. Thayne has traveled the world learning advanced massage techniques from renowned therapists in order to bring you the best experience possible.

In addition to Massage therapy, Thayne is a Functional Movement Specialist and Professional Strength Coach. He offers personal training for all fitness levels and makes fitness fun, effective and functional. Thayne specializes in kettlebell training, human movement patterns, boxing, and overall health and wellness.


Accomplishments include:

• 2009 RKC Level I Certification, Minneapolis, MN • 2010 RKC Level II Certification, Minneapolis, MN • 2010 Assistant Instructor; RKC Certification, Orlando, FL • 2011 Indo Board Master Trainer • 2011 Assistant Instructor; Return of the Kettlebell Workshop, with Pavel, San Diego, CA • 2013 Assistant instructor, RKC, Tallahassee, FL • 2018 Strongfirst Level I & II, Beirut, Lebanon * 2019 Graston M1 Training, Ft. Lauderdale, FL *  Certified TRX Suspension Trainer • United States Marine Corps: • MOS: 0351: Anti-Tank Assaultman and Demolitions • SOC Operations; Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; 1999-2000 • Primary Marksmanship Instructor; Parris Island, SC: Responsible for training and qualifying 20,000 recruits/year in Marine Corps Marksmanship; 2000-2002 • Member: Parris Island Rifle/Pistol Team; 2001-2002